Solar Site Assessments

A detailed and comprehensive solar site assessment is a necessary component for any solar electric installation. A typical site assessment includes the following:

  • Accurate measurements of roof or ground space including locations of plumbing stacks, chimneys, skylights, attic vents, etc
  • Shading analysis from proposed location for solar (sometimes several points need to be analysed to determine the best location) – this data is used to provide accurate energy production estimates
  • Discussion with home or business owner to determine route of cable from site of solar electric array to location of inverter/mains panel
  • Determine location of inverter(s) and integration in to the building’s electrical system.

SkyFire will provide preliminary ballpark cost, energy production, and an economic analysis specific to your home/building through email as a first step. We would be pleased to provide a free and comprehensive site assessment after this initial step. For new construction residential and commercial projects, SkyFire can provide a design and quote directly from the drawings for the building. Please complete the form below to contact us and get started today!

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