Share Your Love of Solar and Put Some Cash in Your Pocket by Hosting a Solar Home Party

We know you are out there! Solar lovers who can’t wait to show off your solar system, monitoring app and possibly battery storage or EV charger powered by the sun. To assist and reward you, SkyFire is pleased to be able to offer an opportunity for our past customers to share your love of solar while putting a little cash in your pocket (or pay it forward to neighbors, friends, family, colleagues if you desire.)


As proud owners of a SkyFire Energy solar electric system, you invite your neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues to your home (or business) to learn more about the ins and outs of solar PV.

The time and date would be at your discretion but would likely be on a weekday evening or on a weekend. SkyFire provides a Solar Specialist, Solar 101 presentation and a door prize. We will also provide a $50 budget for snacks and drinks.

You will provide the home/business with a SkyFire installed solar system. Ideally, you will also provide a room full engaged individuals looking to learn more about solar PV.

Our goal is to educate your guests about solar using your home/business as a real-life example. To that end, SkyFire will provide a presentation lasting approximately one hour and tailored to your audience with plenty of opportunity for questions.

We would also encourage you to provide a tour of your solar system either prior to or following our presentation. The tour would allow you to provide an owner’s perspective as someone who has been through the process and can relate your experience. 

You might be asking yourself, what’s in it for me? To thank you for the introduction to interested individuals, we are pleased to be able to offer you a referral bonus per system sold. That is to say, if one of your guests decides to install a SkyFire solar system on their home or business you will receive $500 cash for each successful referral* (e.g. two successful referrals = $1,000 and five successful referrals = $2,500).

A Solar Home Party provides an opportunity for a win for you, for SkyFire, for your guests, and for the environment! 

If you are interested in booking your solar party or just want to ask a few questions about the details of the program give us a call at 1-877-593-4731 or email Vilasini at

We would love to talk solar with your group! 


Minimum six adult homeowners in attendance required to host a Home Party.

*Project has begun installation at which time you receive your cash payment. 




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