New Residential and Commercial Solar Program

The Alberta government has announced a $36-million rebate program for new solar PV installations on residential, multi-residential and commercial buildings, which will be officially launched in a couple of months. The Residential and Commercial Solar Program will be a reinvestment of the carbon levy. The goal of the program is to encourage solar development in the province and to achieve 10,000 new rooftop solar installations by 2020.

Since 2015, solar uptake has doubled in Alberta mainly due to the ongoing Alberta Municipal Solar Program, the On-Farm Solar PV Program and the Indigenous Solar Program. Over the next five years, the Residential and Commercial Solar Program aims to build on these existing programs.

Through the Residential and Commercial Solar Program, homeowners, businesses and non-profit organizations will be able to receive a partial grant for grid connected solar PV systems. The new program is expected to reduce solar installation costs by up to 30% for residences, and up to 25% for businesses and non-profits.

Potential Residential Solar Grant: $0.75/Watt up to 15 kW (Grant cannot exceed 30% of eligible expenses or $10k)
Potential Commercial Solar Grant: $0.75/Watt up to 5 MW (Grant cannot exceed 25% of eligible expenses or $500k)
(Disclaimer: These are preliminary details which were publicly announced but could possibly change.)

The government is currently working to identify and hire a third party organization to implement and deliver the program.

If you are interested to install a solar PV system for your home or business but are waiting for incentives to be announced, we strongly recommend obtaining a free estimate first so that you are fully prepared to apply for the grant once it’s made available. We expect demand to be high so preparing your solar project in advance can make sure you can begin harvesting Alberta’s sunshine as soon as possible!

To get started, please fill out our site assessment form here. We will contact you once we have received your request.

SkyFire Energy installed its first grid tied solar PV system in Alberta in 2001. Since then, we have installed 33% of all grid tied solar in Alberta (as of end January 2017) and completed projects in 8 provinces and territories. To learn more about our company, please click here.

Click here to view the official announcement by the Minister of Environment and Parks and the Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office.

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