Residential Solar Water Heating

Solar thermal systems are primarily used for the heating of a homes domestic hot water. In a solar thermal system, the solar collectors are used to transfer the thermal energy of the sun to a heat transfer fluid. This thermal energy (heat) in this fluid is then transferred to the cold water coming from the ground. A solar thermal system can work with almost any existing hot water heating system. Your existing hot water heater will not have to fire up as often, saving you money on your gas or electric bill! A s an example a 2 – collector Enerworks system will heat up to 60% of the hot water for a home with 4 people.

While the best use of a solar thermal system is for the heating of domestic hot water, these systems can be tied into the space heating system of a home as well. See the case studies below for examples.

Skyfire has installed hundreds of solar hot water heating and space heating systems and can help you decide what is best suited for your home.

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10 home solar community

52 home solar community

2 collector Viessman

Vertical mounted EnerWorks system

1 collector EnerWorks

2 collector EnerWorks

2 collector EnerWorks

2 collector EnerWorks

5 - collector space heating

8 - collector space heating

2 x 4 Enerworks collector space heating

5 Zen collector space heating

2 collector EnerWorks