The Top Five Reasons To Love Solar Power

1) Solar power is a free source of energy from the Sun that’s predictable and dependable

Life as we know it would not be possible without the heat and light of the Sun. Among its best attributes is that we will always have access to sunlight and there will not be a day when the Sun doesn’t rise in the morning here on earth. Not only is the Sun a free source of energy, it is also readily available and accessible. The Sun can be contrasted with other conventional, fossil-based energy sources, which require a lot of work and can result in environmental damage during the extraction or conversion process (though we acknowledge and applaud efforts to reduce the impacts from these important fuel sources). Which takes us to our next reason.

2) Solar is great for the environment

Unlike conventional power, solar PV does not produce harmful emissions that hurt the environment during the conversion process. Solar PV is a clean, renewable process that uses the most natural of all resources – the Sun. Even the energy used to produce the PV cells is paid back soon after. According to a peer-reviewed article published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (Volume 47, July 2015, Pages 133-141), the Energy Pay-Back Time (EPBT) for PV systems is estimated to be between 1.0 to 4.1 years depending on a number of variables. Beyond the EPBT, it’s all renewable, all the time. By installing a solar PV system for home, business, or farm, you will be able to reduce your reliance on non-renewable sources of energy which then reduces your carbon footprint as well.



3) Solar is durable

Solar PV systems have no moving parts and despite popular belief, are not damaged easily. In fact, solar PV systems generally require zero to little maintenance over the lifespan of the system. All solar modules (aka solar panels) are extensively tested to ensure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions, such as hail and heavy snowfall. Every solar panel used in a SkyFire system has been vetted for its performance characteristics and engineering qualities. In addition, our solar PV systems include a 25-year solar module power output warranty (~80 – 86%), 10 – 25-year inverter warranty and SkyFire installation warranty. Most solar PV systems will easily last 25 – 30 years. In fact, many of the first solar PV systems installed more than 30 years ago are still going strong!


4) Solar is a stable investment that protects you from rising energy costs and helps you save money on electricity bills

Among the most compelling reasons to go solar is that you can eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill. An average monthly electric bill of $150 becomes an annual $1,800 expense. Over 20 years, that same $150 monthly bill balloons to $36,000 (not including inflation) which is paid to your utility company or energy retailer (in after-tax dollars). By switching to solar, you are able to take ownership of your electricity, making it both clean and renewable while significantly reducing your electricity bill. Your solar savings will depend on a number of variables such as how much energy your system produces and how much you consume, but the biggest factor is the electricity rate that you would otherwise pay to your utility. Given that it is almost guaranteed that electricity prices will continue to rise, your savings will continue to grow over the 25+ year lifespan of your solar PV system. Reducing one of your largest monthly expenses makes perfect sense (it’s akin to a retirement savings plan), but the benefits of solar aren’t just economic. Electricity prices can be unpredictable which makes managing your budget difficult. By installing a solar PV system, you are able to “lock-in” your electricity costs and hedge against unpredictability. This is especially beneficial for anyone with a fixed income, as well as for businesses that stand to gain from more stable cash flow. 

5) Solar creates a lot of jobs and helps our economy

The adoption of solar PV isn’t just a way to reduce emissions and meet climate change goals — it’s a vast and powerful global job creator. More than half a million jobs around the world were created in the renewable energy sector in 2017, bringing the total number of people employed in the sector to more than 10 million for the first time! Figures from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) show that more than 70% of clean energy jobs are in just six countries – China, Brazil, the US, India, Germany, and Japan – suggesting the sector has significant opportunity to continue growing in years to come outside of these powerhouse nations.
The renewable energy industry in Alberta is also poised to create 15,000 jobs as the provincial government looks to add 5,000 MW of new renewable energy capacity by 2030. According to the most recent National Solar Jobs Census published by The Solar Foundation, solar energy adds jobs 17x faster than the overall economy in the United States and the solar industry creates more jobs than any other sector in the U.S. Here at SkyFire we have grown from less than 20 employees to approximately 55 in less than three years. These are full-time jobs in engineering, project management, technical sales, and electrical construction.



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