Electric Vehicle Charging

SkyFire Energy has been on the leading edge of the solar industry for more than 19 years. Early on in our journey, we realized the synergy between solar electric power and electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, many of our staff own electric cars charging with solar both at home and at our SkyFire head office.  While you do not need solar to drive an electric vehicle, from an economic standpoint, it is the best-case scenario. We also provide stand-alone EV charging installations.

EV Charging for your Home

SkyFire offers industry-leading electric vehicle charging solutions for your home. Our home assessment and installation process will ensure it is easy to use, safe, reliable and thoughtfully placed.  It is the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle daily and most affordable if paired with a solar PV system. This will ensure many years of charging and cost savings.

EV Charging for your Business

The electric vehicle industry is growing tremendously and many businesses want to be known for leading the industry in providing electric vehicle charging while communicating their values to the community. Whether you have a service business, own rental property or want to provide charging solutions for your staff, we have a solution for your needs.  Assisting with the electrification of roadways is really quite simple and above-all, gratifying.

Benefits of EV Charging for Business

  • Add value to your customer experience
  • Support corporate values and the environment
  • Chargers in multi-unit residences future proof your parking facilities
  • Provide convenience to residents or staff with electric cars and attract talent to your organization

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging

SkyFire is a SolarEdge’s revolutionary integrated inverter with EV charging installer and a Tesla EV charging systems certified installer,  among other charging system options. Whether you currently own an electric vehicle or have plans to in the future, we will work with you to find a solution that meets your objectives.



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Certifications & Associations

APEGA CanSIA Amicus Solar Cooperative B Corp Certified Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer



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