Making Sense of Going Solar: The Residential Solar Install Process

Making the decision to switch to solar is an awesome one. However, getting started and understanding the process can often be fraught with uncertainty for those unfamiliar with the industry. SkyFire Energy provides turnkey systems and takes care of all of the permitting, grid connection application, etc.  Here is a list of the steps for a typical residential installation:

  1. Initial estimate – If high quality satellite images are available, we can provide accurate estimates for system size and energy production for your specific house.
  2. Site assessment – We visit the site to obtain detailed site specific information required for a solar installation including detailed roof measurements, electrical capacity of your electrical system and a shading analysis (if requried).  For a new construction home, SkyFire can design a system right from the architectural drawings.
  3. System design & quote – SkyFire will design a system specific to your roof space, budget and electricity needs. This is an iterative process and multiple options can be be presented.  SkyFire provides you with a sketch showing what your home will look like with solar on the roof as well as a economic analysis using the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) method.
  4. Permitting and grid connection application – SkyFire takes care of ALL the permitting required (Electrical, Building and/or Development permits) and the application to connect the system to the grid.
  5. Installation and commissioning – By our highly trained and experienced installation crews.
  6. Final walk through with the homeowner and delivery of system manuals

The Design Process

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