Meet Bill Hale Leading Business Development in Saskatoon and His New Electric Car


One thing for sure is that around here, not only do our staff support solar in their personal lives but they also love their electric vehicles too! In this month’s People of SkyFire we meet Bill Hale and his electric vehicle – a 2015 Fiat 500.


When asked about his new purchase this is what Bill had to say, “It had 33,500 km on it when I bought it and I’ve put 1,500 km on it since then – six weeks. I needed to use my gas vehicle only three times during this period, twice on account of distance and once for a large load. I paid $17,400 for it. This vehicle is the best deal going for price and range.


Bill received a BASc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo so the numbers are what really count for him. “The car has a practical range of 130 km using air conditioning, etc. Energy consumption is 7.5 km/kWh so it costs about $0.02/km for electrons. Compare that to $0.20/km for gas for my truck.”


For the past decade, Bill’s passion for renewable energy has grown.  In 2016, he finally switched directions in his career with a move into solar and has been helping his Saskatchewan residential, agricultural and commercial clients go solar ever since. Nothing like some calculations to get an engineer’s pulse up.


Bill works out of our Saskatoon office and would be delighted to help you make your solar project come to life.  You can contact him at 306-952-6235 or


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APEGA CanSIA Amicus Solar Cooperative B Corp Certified Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer

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