Meet Will Ingenthron – Leading Business Development in Regina


At SkyFire energy we value the skills and expertise all of our staff bring to the team.  Recently we chatted with Will Ingenthron, one of the newest members of the team leading business development in Regina,  to learn more about his journey to the solar industry and about his life there.


Will was born and raised in Regina and obtained his Industrial Systems Engineering degree from the U of R in 2005. Since then, Will has been involved in the development of solar and wind power projects within Western Canada, totaling about 1 GW of capacity. After 5 years of working as a consultant with a decade of experience in the power industry, he is excited to now be focusing his efforts advancing solar economically for the people with SkyFire.

What excites you about the renewable energy industry?

It excites me that implementing today’s technology is not only a green decision but also a smart economical choice for one’s property. Also, it is certainly exciting to participate in the Canadian prairies rapidly accelerating adoption of solar PV.

What challenges you most about the renewable energy industry?

I used to be challenged by the general misunderstanding about renewables in general. That said, the confusion does seem to be evaporating as wind and solar installations are rapidly being deployed throughout the world today and the industry-leading value they have to offer is being realized


Now, I am challenged in keeping up to the rapidly expanding demand and interest in solar! I really want to ensure that no one is left behind.

What does your ideal work day look like?

An ideal work day would always include the opportunity to speak directly with customers. It’s fun to answer questions interested folks ask especially when you see people getting excited as they gain solar knowledge.

What makes work meaningful for you?

I take great pride in helping people save their money while becoming more independent and self-reliant. Once a customer is up and running with their solar system they are ecstatic. You clearly see that they truly are happy to have taken control of a small but integral part of their everyday life. Being able to provide this brings a lot of meaning to my work.

What is one of your favorite pastimes?

My favorite summer mid-week activity is getting out for a paddle on Wascana Lake. The lake and the surrounding park is one of the most pleasant things that Regina has to offer. While in the city, being present in a little bit of nature is enriching for the soul.



Do you have a dog or other pet?

I can’t wait to share my space with a dog. Once my living situation changes I will begin the interview process.

What do you love about Regina and or Saskatchewan in general?

The social fabric that permeates through each community and the province as a whole. You hear it so often, and it likely sounds cliche, but it’s the people that make both Regina and Saskatchewan the great place that it is.

I love and live by the quote “prosperity is a shared endeavor” although I am not sure where I first heard it. This idea seems to run through the veins of Saskatchewan.




Certifications & Associations

APEGA CanSIA Amicus Solar Cooperative B Corp Certified Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer



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