Save up to $4,000 with the Edmonton Solar Rebate

The City of Edmonton is sticking to its commitment to help Edmontonians move towards a more renewable way of living. Solar incentives in Alberta and other western provinces are long gone but Edmonton continues to lead the way by providing this opportunity for its residents. With rooftop solar, you’re protecting yourself from the increase in energy prices and reducing the carbon footprint of your home and your community.

The Change Homes For Climate – Solar Program in Edmonton offers $0.40/watt towards the cost of a solar PV system, which is roughly 15% of the cost of going solar! This can add up to $4000 towards a residential solar system. This is a significant contribution that makes it easier for you to save money and reduce your environmental impact.


The great news is Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada which means you have the potential to cover up to 100% of your home electricity consumption. 

Below are some parameters that must be met in order to qualify for the rebate.

  1. Your residence must be in the Edmonton city limits.
  2. Your home must be a residential type property which includes single-detached, semi-detached and row housing. 
  3. The solar PV system must be grid-tied.
  4. The system must be compliant with the Alberta Government Micro-Generation Act. 
  5. The system must be installed by a qualified installer (not-self installed). 

As a qualified solar installer, we answer any questions you may have, with the knowledge and experience that comes with 19 years of being in the solar business. We make the process as simple as possible by completing the City of Edmonton application, the permitting and the city approvals. In addition as part of your free consultation, we calculate the economics of solar for your home providing realistic numbers so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

Do you have questions regarding the rebate or interested in getting an estimate of the cost of solar for your home? Contact a local solar specialist in Edmonton at 780-474-8992.

Or fill out this FORM to have one of our Solar Specialist contact you by email.


Additional details on the Edmonton Solar Rebate can be found here HERE.



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