Solar for Agriculture.

Solar power for agricultural and winery operations just makes great business sense. It’s very simple to generate solar power to offset your electricity use from the grid as Western Canada has one of the best solar potentials in Canada! Not only can you power your vineyard or farm operation but excess electricity produced can be exported to the grid where you receive a credit against future use. Tesla Powerwall battery storage is available if backup power is important to you.

Benefits of Solar

Why lease power when you can own and produce it for less? By installing a solar PV (photovoltaic) system, you’ll be able to save on operating costs by producing your own power and hedging against rising electricity prices. Protect your bottom line while protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Return on Investment

We understand that cost is of utmost importance so we provide simple to understand economic analysis as part of every proposal. We will provide you with a custom economic analysis specific to your electricity rates, service type, wires service provider and solar system specifics. Harvest the sun to reduce the operating costs of your vineyard or farm!

Reliability and Warranty

Solar PV is incredibly reliable and low maintenance. All of our systems include product warranties of 10 – 25 years ensuring decades of free electricity with minimal maintenance requirements. We installed our first grid tied system in 2001 and plan to be here for decades more to honour any warranties.

Experienced Professionals

As the leading solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firm in Western Canada, we have:

  1. Designed and installed many of the largest and most complex commercial and agricultural photovoltaic systems in Western Canada.
  2. Connected solar PV systems to more than 20 utilities in 8 provinces and territories.
  3. A team of professionals with over 175 years of combined experience and education in the solar industry


Our in-house professional engineering team will design a custom solar PV system to fit your building, your budget and your goals. As an added bonus our solar monitoring systems will have all numbers at your fingertips as you check on your solar PV (photovoltaic) system on your computer, laptop or mobile device. With this technology you can showcase the environmental benefits of your system and let your customers know that you are committed to making a difference.

Switching to solar has never been easier.

Have questions? Or to get started on your project, contact us by phone for a free consultation or fill out our email form to be contacted within one hour for your consultation. We look forward to serving you.

Certifications & Associations

APEGA CanSIA Amicus Solar Cooperative B Corp Certified Tesla Certified Powerwall Installer



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